Hello! My name is Hyemin Ahn 😇 (she/her)

From 16th of May, 2022, I started my work as an assistant professor @ AIGS, UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology). Our lab name is “AI & Human-Robot Interaction Lab” (Ahri Lab).

Previously, I was a Postdoc Researcher at German Aerospace Center as well as Technical University of Munich.

I received Ph.D. and Bachelor's degree from Seoul National University, South Korea.

I am a full-time researcher, as well as a part-time singer-songwriter.

I witnessed that love cannot be reached everywhere, so I am trying to devote myself to spread humanity's warmth via robotics and music.

My research interest is in machine learning-based human-robot interaction, vision and language perception, and motion generation. But always eager to learn and research more about robotics in the real world and real humans.